Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Liner & Full Lip Color
For everyone that desires a soft & natural enhancement to their appearance.

Before Permanent Makeup

Immediately After Permanent Makeup

After One Month

Finally, Make Up That Stays On All Day

Permanent Makeup or Dermagraphics is the cosmetic implantation of pigment in the upper layer of your skin.

Permanent makeup is available to women and men of all ages that are unable to wear traditional makeup due to allergies and skin sensitivities, anyone with disabilities that find applying makeup difficult, and for anyone that doesn’t want to be constantly re-applying their makeup because of oily skin, humidity, or physical activity.

What Is Dermagraphics?

How Does It Work?

Permanent makeup or Dermagraphics is cosmetic tattooing.

What type of Permanent Cosmetic Procedures can be done?

Permanent Cosmetic procedures can be very subtle or dramatic, depending on what you are looking for. Options include:

Eyebrows, Upper and Lower Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement, Lip Liner, Full Lip Color, Beauty Marks, Scar Camouflage and Areola Restoration.

NOTE: Some of these procedures use more advanced techniques (para-medical techniques) and thus require an experienced technician with advanced training.

Is it safe?

We are a blood borne pathogen clinic practicing universal sterilization techniques, an autoclave onsite and adhere to the provincial health regulations and standards of the trade. We use pigments specifically designed for permanent make-up and a new sterilized set up for each procedure, making this a very safe procedure.

Stunning Before And After Transformations

Below you can see the transformation of before pictures, to immediately after the permanent makeup procedure is completed to after pictures when the client has completely healed. As you can see, the final look is both natural and stunning.


Immediately After

Completely Healed


Immediately After

Completely Healed

How do I know if Permanent Makeup is right for me?

Although we believe everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup, we find most of our clients fall into one of the following categories.

Sensitive skin, allergies and visual impairments
Everyone can truly benefit from having permanent makeup. Those who are allergic to traditional makeup no longer have to suffer as our pigments are hypoallergenic. Permanent makeup is great for those with visual impairments as now there is no more guess work.
Scar Camouflage
Stretch marks and surgical scars can be very unsightly because the color is so different from the surrounding skin. For many of our clients, it affects their self-esteem to have these visible scars. By having us darken your scars to match the surrounding skin tone, we can effectively camouflage your scars, making them far less noticeable and restore your confidence.
Areola Enhancement and Restoration
Many men and women are not happy with the color, shape and size of their areolas. They are either too dark or too light, and sometimes due to surgery they are non-existent. With our paramedical restoration process, we can lighten dark areolas, darken light or even pale areolas and restore your areolas after reconstructive surgery.

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