The Final Touches At Lesley's

Piercings, Spray Tans and Extensions

Everything you need to finish the look you want

Put On The Finishing Touches

There is no need for you to book multiple appointments with multiple salons to get the look you want

Now you can have us take care of all your beauty needs whether it is piercings, hair or eyelash extensions and even airbrush spray tans so you can look you very best

Enjoy These Added Services?


All of our piercings include piercing, jewelry, cleaning kit and downsizing.

Lash Tints and Extensions

Add colour, length, and body to your lashes to draw attention to your eyes.

Hair Extensions

Add length, volume, body and even colour to your hair with hair extensions.

Air Brush Spray Tanning

A safer alternative to lying on a tanning bed or in the sun. Now even our fairest skinned clients can enjoy an amazing tan

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