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Permanent Removal Of Unwanted Body Hair

Say Goodbye To The Razor.

Looking For A Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

Enjoy soft smooth stubble-free skin without the nicks, cuts, razor rash or irritating creams.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal technique using electricity delivered to the hair follicle through a hair-thin probe, causing localized damage to the papilla which generates the hair. Electrolysis provides a permanent hair removal solution for every area on your face and body. If we can see the hair we can remove it.

Benefits Of Electrolysis?

Permanent Results

Both the FDA and AMA recognize electrolysis as the only method of permanent hair removal. All other hair removal modalities are temporary, including laser which is a permanent “reduction” in hair regrowth.

Minimal discomfort

Today’s methods are not nearly as painful as it was twenty years ago. You may experience some discomfort. In that case, we do have a topical anesthetic available to manage comfort levels. Many of our clients prefer it to waxing as it is less painful than waxing.

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