Areola Enhancement and Restoration

We can lighten, darken, enhance and even recreate your areola. Look amazing naked.

Areola Enhancement Before

Areola Enhancement After

Areola Restoration Before

Areola restoration After

Feel Confident Enough To Take Your Shirt Off

Using Permanent Makeup techniques we can enhance and improve your areolas

Both men and woman have come to us because they are not happy with the color, the size or the shape of their areolas. They are embarrassed to be seen topless. By using permanent makeup techniques, we can lighten dark areolas, darken light even pale areolas, make the size and symmetry of both areolas match, we can even make them appear bigger or smaller if you want. You should feel confident when the top comes off. We can help you get that confidence.

What Is Areola Enhancement?

Non Surgical and Non Invasive

Our areola enhancement utilizes our permanent makeup process to enhance the desired colour and pigments of your areola. As this is a permanent makeup technique, there is no surgery required to achieve the desired look you want.

Is it painful?

Pain and discomfort is minimal. The area can be sensitive or totally pain free.  In all cases we apply a topical anesthetic to the area we are working on.

Can you hide surgical scars and stretch marks?

While restoring your areola we can also add pigment to surrounding scar tissue and stretch marks so it blends with the rest of your skin using paramedical scar camouflage techniques. We specialize in double mastectomy post-operative cancer care clients, 1 year post-operative.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Sit down with your artist for an initial one on one consultation. We will discuss your needs and wants. At this time you can review before and after pictures so you can see what is possible. Pricing is also discussed as well as financing options available.

On Your Enhancement Day

This is where you come in for the procedure. We determine colour and measurements, and apply topical anesthetic. Then we draw the outline and proceed to enhance your areolas with pigment.

Follow-up and Maintenance

Like all permanent makeup procedures, the pigment implanted under the skin will fade over time. We recommend regular colour-boosts so that you maintain the look we created for you

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