Dermagraphics at Lesley’s

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Permanent Makeup

Restore color to your eyebrows, eyes, and lips, Camouflage scars or enhance/restore areolas with permanent makeup

Hair removal

Lesley’s offers hair removal for female and male clients looking for a solution to their unwanted body and facial hair.

Skin Care

Turn back the clock and restore your youth and beauty.

Areola Restoration

Now men and women can enhance their areolas by having us lighten them, darken them, change the shape and size, or completely restore them after surgery

Lam Probe

Safely and effectively remove skin tags, fibromas, blood spots (angioma), spider veins, cholesterol deposits and milia.

Final Touches

Finish off your look with lash tints and extensions, piercings and spray tans.

About Lesley's

Dermagraphics at Lesley’s is a state of the art, government certified skin care and body modification establishment catering to all genders. Growing to meet the demands of the new millennium, Lesley’s offers Microdermabrasion; a form of skin resurfacing with sand. Lam Probe removes spider viens, skin tags, and other skin irregularities, the 6-second Hollywood Spray On Tan and Electrolyis, the only method of permanent hair removal. Lesley has studied, trained and practiced for 20 years in the beauty industry across North America. Her experience and wealth of knowledge enable her to offer natural looking Permanent Makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip colour, cheek colour, scar camoflage and aereola restoration.

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“Angela did an amazing job at my skin tag removal! I was a bit worried but. I was pleasantly surprised. Angela was very professional, friendly, and prompt.”

Great experience! Angela went above and beyond! Lam Probe is like a magic eraser!

“Fabulous experience, Angela has a great personality and made me feel comfortable. I feel less self conscious about the appearance of my skin having the lam probe. Will definitely book again, very satisfied..”

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